Two stickmen are waiting for a game to start.



Arrows to move

Space to jump

E to Interact

E / Space / Return to progress dialogue



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pretty cool shit 

glad you enjoyed this! ;)


This is trully geinous, loved the dialogues, the creativity and the message behind it all. Also, those indian guys making pools are a treasure to humanity. Rapidly becoming a big fan!

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Hey Flip, so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!

And thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it!

That said, it's now time to resume procrastinating for an indefinite amount of time


Nice work, my friend. I came here from your YT.  Your TMP video made it into my recommended! I do love this dialogue system. It's something I'd really like to use myself, and this was a great concept for it. Hope you had fun making it.

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Hey sniffs, happy to hear that you liked the dialogue system! If you’d like to use it as well feel free to join my discord server, I posted the scripts over there for everyone who might want to use them (invite link: https://discord.gg/WBpSjv3qpd )

Huge thanks for the support! I really appreciate it!


Just awesome. Good luck !

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game :)


loved the msg at end

So happy to hear that!